Lead Your Team to Measured Success Panel

Every department, manager, and writer struggles with creating appropriate and meaningful team and individual goals that are:

A:      achievable and meaningful to the individual and can provide them with a feeling of success,
B:      measurable,
C:      able to show leadership how your team directly supports the objectives of the company and positively impacts the bottom line.

This panel will share their experience with various strategies for writing meaningful and measurable objectives, and participate in a Q & A to help attendees form their own strategies for successfully setting meaningful team and individual goals.

The audience will understand how success is perceived at different levels, from writer to executive. Each panelist will share their perspective of success and how they measure it.

Meet the Presenters

Pat Burrows’ career spans the full arc of our industry in various roles from Technical Writer to Manager to Director and Consultant. Working in both high tech and the scientific industries, Pat has led multiple global teams in both content development and information architecture and has helped small companies and large corporations “think inside the box” about the creation and delivery of their content. Her expertise is in change management and leading shifts in mindset for structured authoring and digital experience, motivating teams to deliver future-state results, and shaping the intricate politics that can define the direction of information development.

Bill Gearhart, Senior Consultant at Ryffine, specializes in minimalism, user-centered design, and information modeling for single-sourcing and migration to DITA.

A technical communications “lifer,” he draws on over 25 years of experience in developing and managing information and leading innovative global teams.


Deb Bissantz is an application engineer for Vasont Systems. Before joining Vasont Systems, Deb worked with and authored DITA content for more than 13 years. As a writer and tools administrator, she helped several organizations migrate technical documentation to DITA and to component content management systems.

Deb is also a voting member of the DITA Technical Committee. She co-authored the DITA 1.2 Feature Article: “Roles and Responsibilities of a DITA Adoption.”


Moderator: Brian Trombley, DCL
Brian Trombley has more than 35 years’ experience helping clients implement content-oriented processes and technologies for all aspects of publishing across a wide range of industry verticals. An early practitioner of structured content methodologies, Mr. Trombley was at the forefront of the SGML and XML revolutions and has helped clients successfully manage change and convert and leverage content for maximum business value.


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