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Join us on Tuesday, Sept. 12
Audience participation is not mandatory, but it is a lot of fun!

This fun-filled evening is included in your conference registration.

From previous conference participants

“It’s a serendipitous experience whenever I attend a Best Practices conference. Whatever stage my company is at in our structured authoring journey, Best Practices brings together the best minds to explore and innovate to resolve the pain points we’re experiencing as our doc sets and our department matures.”

“Great conference! Well-organized! Fabulous people—presenters & attendees all very friendly, open & helpful.”

“An excellent, useful conference. Lots of good ideas. This will influence our development/roll-out plans.”

“Great conference! Always the highlight of my year. It was informative as it was fun!”

“This conference has become one of my most important “tools” for continuing to move my team into the 21st century.”

“Well done, as always. The time spent at the best practices conference is always well worth it.”

“Thank you. Great first conference of this nature for me. Definitely will attend/send folks in the future.”

“Sessions great, networking opportunities great—still the best conference and most valuable investment I’ve experienced!”

“The collegial nature of this group is phenomenal! The opportunity to learn due to the ongoing membership & contact and the quality of what people are doing is an exceptional culmination of knowledge & practice.”

“It’s been an excellent conference (as always), but I think you out did yourselves on this one! Bravo!”

“The was a great networking opportunity, many takeaways.”

“This is a very good platform for me to learn what I want know. Thank you very much.”

“Once again, this was an excellent conference. It helped re-energize me and I have many new concepts to apply at my office.”

“This page isn’t big enough to contain the praise I have for this conference. Every one of the hundreds of details was executed to absolute perfection. All the content was relevant, high quality, engaging. The learning and value of this conference is astronomical.”

“This was my first time. Thoroughly enjoyed the conference.”

“Good selection of topics. Great discussions.”

"Well organized. Good number of breaks. Good number of networking opportunities."

"Very informative, and fun."

"Good mix of presentations."

"I have zero criticism and only sky-high praise for everything about this conference."

"Thank you all for organizing yet another hugely-valuable, relevant, inspiring, and fun event! Can’t wait for next year."

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CIDM Platinum members receive up to three complimentary conference registrations. Gold members receive up to two complimentary conference registrations. Silver members receive 1 free registration and Bronze members receive a discount. You will also receive a year’s worth of valuable services provided by CIDM.

Please visit the CIDM Membership homepage for details.

Develop an I CAN Mentality at the 2017 Best Practices Conference


The creative process thrives in a foundation of “Yes, And.” When your team builds on and supports each other’s ideas, they filter and judge less, enabling new approaches to take off and gain traction.


The principles of “Yes, And” builds trust within your team, creating ensembles who effectively work together to meet a common goal, believing in the idea that “all of us are better than any of us.”


With a “Yes, And” approach, your team is prepared for any change in direction, focused on how to make it work rather than why it won’t work.


When your team is aligned with the “Yes, And” philosophy, they look for ways to reach agreement, validating the legitimate concerns of the other person or group while keeping the door open for common ground.

Originating in improv theater, the “Yes, And” approach provides tools to help you become a more compelling leader and a more collaborative follower. Join your fellow information development managers as we learn to overcome common barriers to creativity, collaboration, and change by employing improvisational techniques.

We will be led by keynote speaker, Bob Kulhan, author of the book Getting to “Yes, And”, who will show us how the art of improvisation effectively translates into the business world with powerful results.

Bob Kulhan
CEO, Business Improv
Author, Getting to “Yes And”
The Art of Business Improv

Just say “Yes, And!”

What to expect

The CIDM Best Practices conference is the premier annual conference for managers of information development. No other conference in the industry offers you the chance to meet so many managers with the same challenges and the best solutions.

By popular request, we’re offering a hybrid conference approach, combining a single and multi-track system to bring you together for overarching theme sessions (I CAN), followed by simultaneous sessions for you to choose from based on the needs of your team. Other sessions give you the opportunity for one-on-one interaction with your peers to gather advice and best practices about the issues specifically on your mind, as well as some time to see short demonstrations of current projects and tools.

New this year, you’ll be judge for the new Inspire award. Listen to “elevator-pitch” summaries of best practices in play at other companies and vote on the most inspiring for the year.

Do you have a best practice or helpful tip that you believe will inspire and motivate others in the information development community? CIDM invites you to share your success story and be recognized by your peers in our new best practices competition. Click here for additional information and to submit your 2017 Inspiration!

The Conference Theme Book:
Bob Kulhan shows how improv techniques such as the “Yes, and” approach, divergent and convergent thinking, and focusing on being present can translate into more productive meetings, swifter decisions, stronger collaboration, positive conflict resolution, mindfulness, and more.

The Center for Information–Development Management (CIDM) brings together the most highly skilled and talented managers in the field of information development from across the US and internationally to facilitate the sharing of information about current trends, best practices, and developments within the industry, from information development to training and support.

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What’s included?

The conference fee of $1395 includes:

  • 2 ½ days of presentations and networking
  • ½ day opportunity to participate in an Academia/Industry Workshop to discuss how to prepare the next generation of leaders and innovators in technical communication
  • Opening reception on Sunday night
  • Breakfast Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
  • Lunch Monday and Tuesday
  • Dinner and an Improv show at the Vermont Comedy Club on Tuesday