Thank you to all who joined us!

In its 23rd year, the CIDM Best Practices Conference remains the premier annual conference for managers of information development.
No other conference in the industry offers you the chance to meet so many managers with the same challenges and the best solutions.

Conference Program


This year’s event is a virtual, one-track, highly interactive program, designed for technical communication managers to hone their skills in critical areas of management. This conference provides unique opportunities to form positive relationships with your peers and provides a rare insider’s look at the needs of the industry.

CIDM brings together the most highly skilled and talented managers in the field of information development from across the US and internationally.

Introducing Helene Segura

CIDM is pleased to introduce Helene Segura, the time management fixer, as keynote and facilitator for the 2021 Best Practices Conference. Helene shares powerful strategies and tactics needed to slash lost time. By improving efficiency, she helps companies lower employee stress levels, decrease absenteeism, improve retention, and increase profits.

The Inefficiency Assassin

The Inefficiency Assassin addresses and solves every known productivity road block known to man…and woman. Readers who implement the strategies and tactics in this guide will never have an issue with time management again.


Thanks for all the professional knowledge sharing, interesting topics, fountains of fun, and great conversations!
Michael Tsurikov, NXP

I’m in total agreement with everyone. It was a great conference!
Bonnie Fontaine

Thank you! Great recommendations for managing common challenges.
Trish Crawford, CommScope

I can’t recall laughing so much at a professional conference. Thanks to Bob, Robyn, Stuart, Scot, and the rest of the team for training that helped me better understand how to stay in the moment and listen more deeply.
Jean Tennille, NextGen

I thought this was a great conference, and feel that the virtual nature did not detract at all.
Selby Sondergaard, Cepheid

Absolutely agree with you, Selby. Way more social, and way more focused!
Mugdha Bapat, Rocket Software

Great job! Loved all the takeaways. Very helpful. Maybe I should make a poster of them.
Dawn Stevens, Comtech Services

Thank you to everyone for the support and humor over the past 3 days!
Jane Wilson, VMware

It was a great conference. The skills and strategies we learned and practiced add real value, and I learned a lot. I appreciate having the opportunity to connect and share with so many of you over the course of two days! It was a blast!
Julie Gibson, Siemens Industry Software

Thanks everyone, would love to connect on linked in!
Mary Swift, Workday

So fun and valuable to conference with you all! Anytime you want to connect or practice or chat, I’m always happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:
Ted Wolff, Danfoss

I really enjoyed meeting all of you. Please connect with me!
Bobbi Gibson

Best. Conference. Ever!! Thank you everyone!!!
Beth Dupke, Workday

What a great conference! That was far more socialization than I’ve had in months :heart:
Gabrielle Scott, NantHealth

I attended the Best Practices conference recently for the first time and loved it. One of the most valuable things I did all year.
Sonja Striplin, Sensus


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