Managing and Delivering API Documentation like a Baller

The Tech Pubs team at Cray took on a new area of content responsibility – API documentation and delivery. With no experience on the team, we went from “Are we editing for grammar?” to “We need an interface to handle the two API standards.” We came up with a process to build the documentation in our CICD pipeline before most engineering teams got their in their code.
From the proof of concept that we could produce the documentation in a browser based format – to delivering the content in an industry leading format.

Meet the Presenter

Peggy Sanchez is the Sr. Technical Publications manager at Cray Inc for 6 years. She led her team to implement DITA, a CCMS, and portal to modernize the technical documentation deliverables. Her teams span 4 states and 3 time zones. She is an experienced writer in computer hardware, medical device, manufacturing, and computer software. She has presented for CIDM, Content Wrangler, Global Link, and LavaCon. She lives in Minnesota where they had 6 inches of snow April! She has 4 backyard chickens, Lily, Pinkie, Lulu, and PeckySue.

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