A Rose is a Rose: A proposed standard for creating readable DITA file names that uniquely identify the content

Tired of name collisions with your DITA topics? Not satisfied opening up file after file from Overview (1).dita through Overview (12).dita? Simplistic naming conventions are fine for a small set of content, but woefully inadequate when scaling content to an enterprise level. The answer is the GB Standard for naming DITA topics. The GB Standard specifies a readable, deterministic file name for DITA content which depends solely on the content to be stored in that file. Such file names are guaranteed to differ between files that contain differing content while being identical for files that contain identical content by the use of an md5 sum sum in the file name.

Meet the Presenter

Bill Gearhart, Senior Consultant at Ryffine, specializes in minimalism, user-centered design, and information modeling for single-sourcing and migration to DITA.

A technical communications “lifer,” he draws on over 25 years of experience in developing and managing information and leading innovative global teams.

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