Raising Your Brand

Strategies and Tactics for creating recognized importance, meaning, and purpose for technical communications within your company.

How can you raise your department’s value and influence in your organization? What are the key elements to building your department’s brand? Join us for this 2.5 hour workshop where you will:

  • Learn the vital elements of a highly successful brand
  • Understand the key pillars of what your brand must communicate
  • Learn what other highly successful internal teams have done to strengthen their value and influence
  • Build a branding success for your department

Meet the Presenter

Kurian Mathew Tharakan is the Founder and Managing Director of strategic marketing firm StrategyPeak Sales and Marketing Advisors, and is responsible for the creation of marketing strategy and execution for a wide array of clients and situations.

During the past 27 years he has consulted with hundreds of firms, reviewing their operations, interviewing management teams, and seeing first hand how their business models operate. This process quickly identified the winners, and clearly demonstrated which growth methods and tactics ACTUALLY work … and especially what does not. The strategies and tactics we advocate are a direct result of this hands on experience.

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