Proving your Team’s Value through Your Employees

In lieu of the theme of CIDM Best Practices 2018, Necessary Evil or Valued Partner, in this session we will discuss how content professionals build themselves and their team to serve as a valuable partner to their broader organizations. Let’s discuss tapping into the content professional’s human network, the importance of team makeup, building your span of influence and most importantly the value of a strong vision and an actionable strategy.

Meet the Presenter

Eeshita Grover is an experienced professional of 19+ years with a career equally divided across leading and teaching content creation and delivery teams. Eeshita has been with Cisco for the past 12+ years building and driving innovative content strategies for cutting edge products with an emphasis on delivery for digital portals, mobile web, and video. Eeshita has led content design for various content types and their presentation for ease of use. Her passion lies in driving teams to innovative goals and evolving mindsets.


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