Customer-Centered Information Experience

Presentation Abstract

Technologies are greatly influencing people’s daily lives, work, and their requirements for information experience. Keeping on innovation in such a changing age is a huge challenge for us. Now my team is connecting with about 3000+ customers of different roles and experiences around the world. Together with them, we are creating better information experience for every customer. This is a talk about how we adopt the User and Task Analysis (UTA) approach to provide customer-centered information experience.

We adopt the UTA approach in following aspects:

  • Three-tiered documentation system (role, experience and preference)
  • Mobile contents
  • Videos
  • Interactive Comic documents
  • Toolized documents
  • Technical Posters
  • Infographics
  • Social media
  • Cooperating with MKT team, R&D team, training team and support team

What can attendees expect to learn?

  • How to engage and work with customers in documentation improvement
  • How to  corporate with other teams of the company
  • How to encourage the whole information team keeping on innovation


Meet the Presenter

Hebe Hui He

Hebe Hui He is an Information Manager at Huawei Technologies.

Hebe manages the Transport Network Information Department at Huawei. She began her information career at Huawei 10 years ago. She and her team have been dedicated to adopting a User and Task Analysis (UTA) approach to improve customer experiences for 5 years.




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