You, Me, and SMEs: Making collaborative authoring a success

Businesses looking to scale authoring, drive efficiency, and improve accuracy are increasingly turning to collaborative authoring models that enable subject matter experts (SMEs) to create, review, and publish content. Come hear VMware’s Laura Bellamy discuss a variety of authoring models and tools that VMware has used to build out an SME program that now supports +200 SMEs. Laura will present VMware’s strategy to enable self-service content development and share challenges of establishing SME programs and measuring value of these new models.

Meet the Presenter

Laura Bellamy
is the Director of Content Strategy & Operations at VMware. She leads a global team of content professionals who are focused on addressing cross-divisional content challenges. Laura has diverse industry experience as a technical writer, information architect, and information development manager. She is a co-author of the book DITA Best Practices.

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