Your Invitation to Present

Necessary Evil or Valued Partner?

Is your department viewed as an important contributor to your corporate success and reputation? Over 40% of CIDM members in 2017 indicated that they were not. With information development teams perceived as important but not impactful or, in some cases, even as unnecessary or a detractor from success, technical communication managers are looking for definitive ways to establish and prove their team’s value to the company.

CIDM is current seeking presentations and case studies that will help conference attendees build a “sales kit” to promote their content as a business asset. Possible topics include

  • Determining your pre-sales contributions
  • Becoming indispensable to your development team and others
  • Calculating your impact on technical support costs
  • Reducing the cost of information enterprise-wide
  • Assessing your importance to end users
  • Marketing your capabilities
  • Developing your elevator pitch
  • Responding to common objections
  • Analyzing your competition

Registration fee is waived for 1 presenter per talk. Co-Presenters pay the reduced registration rate of $547.50
(limit 1 presenter + 1 co-presenter per presentation).

We are looking for compelling proposals for any of the following formats:

  • A 40-minute management success story—These CIDM Best Practices presentations are longer and more in depth discussions about management success stories.
  • An 18-minute TED-like talk—You’ve all listened, we’re certain, to TED-talk videos. They are short, crisp presentations! These CIDM Best Practices presentations fit that mold perfectly.
  • A 15-minute presentation, “Rotating Table Talks”—These talks are 15-minute presentations or demonstrations of best practices, industry innovations, or technical solutions. Set up in a room full of round tables, the audience will get up and select another table/presentation every 15 minutes. (It’s a lot like speed dating!)
  •  Panel (even if you don’t have all the panelists)—A panel presentation of 3 to 4 individuals commenting on a single theme. Suggest a topic you’d be willing to pull together and lead.

Please note that presenters of the 15 or 18 minute presentations, who are not CIDM members, are offered the discounted registration fee of $1125, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Members will participate using the registration(s) included in their Membership. Registration fees are waived for Members and non-members presenting a 40 minute talk or participating in a panel.

Submit your proposal no later than June 1, 2018. Deadline extended to: June 13th!