Creating a Compelling Content Plan for Corporate Buy-in

Presentation Abstract

As Information Development Managers we all know the value of our work, but do we make a compelling case for our work? Do we get buy-in from our business partners?  Too often we do not.  This session will help you make that case through a story of failure and then ultimate success.

As the Project Manager of my organization’s Operations Command Center, I had a front row seat as business units monitored real-time performance data and devised agile plans to address gaps.  Over time I learned that many of these units lacked robust process and procedure documentation.  To address these needs, I proposed my current Information Development Manager role, created a vision for the discipline, and immersed myself in the business to identify related needs.  But when I hit some bumps in the road to success, I had to quickly figure out what was causing those bumps, how to overcome them and get the confidence of the business, and  how I could better demonstrate the value of information development.

What can attendees expect to learn?

I am thrilled to share with you what I’ve learned from my journey to help you create compelling content development plans that may meet the needs of your business partners and demonstrate added value, including:

  • How to use data to define the content your audience needs
  • How to “chunk” the content into meaningful, memorable units
  • How to measure and share the success of your content

Meet the Presenter

Theresa Godsey has a passion for information development, and believes there’s an art to good writing. The art extends beyond the form – whether that be setup sheets, user’s guides, help systems, job aids, or policies and procedures. It’s also the magic of making information work for the audience you’re writing for. While she has served as an Information Development Writer, Lead Writer, and then Planner, she believes that for Information Development Management to be most successful, you have to lay the groundwork for a writer’s creativity to shine through. Setting up the content plan correctly is key to the Department’s success.

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