Getting the most out of your CIDM Membership

Did you know CIDM members…

  • Meet once a month via teleconference to discuss hot topics
  • Have access to 20 years of Best Practices newsletters
  • Get advice from Dawn Stevens and the other consultants at no cost

CIDM was founded nearly 20 years ago and as you would expect it has gone through many changes since its inception. This roundtable discussion will focus on the ins and outs of membership and how you can leverage your membership to become a valued partner at your company. We’ll spend time uncovering all the secrets of membership as well as hearing your ideas on what the next changes to the membership might be.

Meet the Presenter


Kathy Madison brings over 30 years of experience to her roles as CIDM Member Liaison and Consultant at Comtech Services. She is relatively new to the Information-Development industry but with her background in software engineering, product training, management, marketing and sales, she is able to assist members and clients in a variety of ways to address their challenges.


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