Pitch Perfect–Creating an impactful elevator pitch

Presentation Abstract

Communicating clearly and succinctly is a skill that will enable you and your team to be key contributors in all of your projects. Has someone ever asked you “to tell them about yourself” or “tell me about your department and what they do?” Did you struggle to make the right statement to your current target audience?

Creating a proper elevator pitch is an approach that enables you to be heard and taken seriously. It enables you to define and direct your path. This presentation will help you learn and improve your communications skills to create a crystal clear “elevator pitch” or how to get your point across in 30- seconds or less. You will learn from discussions and a brief workshop.

What can attendees expect to learn?

What the Audience will learn via slides and a small workshop activity:
• Succinct and targeted communications
• How to get your point across 30-second or less

Meet the Presenter

Leticia Guzzetta has been a Senior Technical Communications manager at Cadence Design Systems for 1 year. She has 18 years management experience and 30+ years tech pubs experience. Leticia has working knowledge and experience on improving publishing processes and content strategies with some expertise in XML, DITA, CMS, CCMS, and FrameMaker. At Cadence, Leticia manages the Design IP documentation writing projects and team. She works closely with her overseas team and peers to improve and modernize the publishing process. Leticia has a BA and MA in English.

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