DITA for Collaboration

Presentation Abstract

As a Customer Success Manager at easyDITA, I work with a lot of technical communication teams and I’ve noticed a common thread: There’s a disconnect between technical communication teams and other departments in their organization. This disconnect may be organizational or due to the different tools used by each team. Often, this gap is bridged by PDF.

We’ve been working on a solution to make collaboration in DITA easy for all teams. Our new and improved collaboration system enables tech writers, engineers, and others to work simultaneously in an environment reminiscent of Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

In this session, I’ll explain how DITA can actually enable better collaboration throughout your organization, even with teams that don’t use DITA!

What can attendees expect to learn?

This presentation will prompt the audience to consider ways to improve the efficiency and breadth of collaboration in their organizations. It will also provide a look at easyDITA’s latest technology, which is the first and only DITA CCMS that enables real-time collaboration.

Meet the Presenter

Stephani Clark is a Customer Success Manager for easyDITA. She works to train and assist users of easyDITA’s software. Stephani also works on easyDITA’s information development team and spends about half her time creating technical documentation for the software.

Before she worked for easyDITA, Stephani spent over ten years working for her family’s energy efficiency company.

Stephani lives in Rochester with her husband, her two-year old son, and the family dog. When Stephani isn’t working, she’s usually spending time with her family, cooking, reading, traveling, or organizing anything and everything.

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