Beyond Tech Pubs: The value of structured content in your organization

Presentation Abstract

Technical Information is a key intellectual property that should be managed efficiently and effectively throughout the enterprise. Exploring technical information is becoming just as much a part of a customer’s pre-sales activity as it is post-sales. No longer limited to the “technical publications” function, the technical details of how products are selected, installed, operated and serviced are pervasive in Marketing, Training, and Service functions within the enterprise.

Organizations can realize significant improvements in time-to-market, development costs, support costs, and customer satisfaction by utilizing structured content and de-constructing information silos that lead to a single source of truth for technical information that is created once and used in multiple functions.

What can attendees expect to learn?

Every organization is looking to increase revenue and decrease costs. For years we’ve looked at DITA as a way to decrease costs in tech pubs. But when you step back and view the situation as a whole, you learn that tech pubs is part of a much bigger picture and increased revenue is more valuable than (perhaps) reducing costs. Whether your asking for funding to implement or improve your technology/process/skills or looking to raise your status in the organization – this presentation will present the reasons why structured content is important and how their is a direct path to the financial bottom line.

Meet the Presenter

Don Bridges has been involved in the technical information lifecycle for 20+ years. He’s worked with companies in multiple industries helping them adapt processes and technology to meet business challenges. He was involved in some of the earliest large-scale DITA conversion projects and implementing technology that introduced single-source delivery and authoring at a corporate level.

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