Just the Right Information to Fulfill User Requirements

Presentation Abstract

The topic for this year is an extension of my presentation on “Information-as-a-Service Design” from last year.
Based on the “Information-as-a-Service Design”, we are making efforts to observe and understand how effectively users are able to use information in broad use cases. The aim is to improve how information serves onsite users in the most practical way with a bottom-up approach. The main points for this year include:

  1. Adopting the “Information-as-a-Service Design” and “Just the Right Information” approaches in fulfilling user requirements necessitates visits to customer sites and looking into which type of content users frequently call upon to perform tasks or gain reference. We then develop and adjust the information to suit user demands and habits.
  2. Information must prove its value during project delivery. The right information can improve project delivery efficiency by more than 50% (we have been able to demonstrate this statistic in delivery to Huawei’s named accounts).
  3. Information must serve Huawei’s channel partners. For example, through our online enablement platform, we are able to equip channel partners with a more complete understanding of Huawei’s offerings. This practice has been proven successful, especially in the China region where we piloted the program and received tremendous willingness to participate from partners.

This year, we are also using a Big Data platform to determine the popularity of each item of information. We then adjust the information to suit the frequency and particulars of the broad use case.

What can attendees expect to learn?

  1. Adopting the Information-as-a-Service mindset is an essential approach to improving documentation. At Huawei, we are summarizing our approaches and practices in how we develop information, intent on helping users find “just the right information” in the quickest and easiest way possible.
  2. At Huawei, we are building an information cloud to improve our documentation, product information, and training services. This cloud will help us achieve the “Information-as-a-Service” and “Just the Right Information” approaches. While the migration is rather complex, we are driving ahead and gaining a deeper understandings of all involved elements in truly making information serve the user. We hope to share our efforts in building the information cloud and draw from the ideas of others.

Meet the Presenter

Sherry Zhang has engaged in technical communication since 2000 and is the lead information architect for the Huawei All Cloud System. Her 2016 series “Information Cloud” earned her the Gold Medal Award for Innovation from the Huawei CTO Office. Her design for Information-as-a-Service (IaaS) concepts intended for use in public cloud and other scenarios have earned her further recognition in recent years with the great enhancements to user experience made available in the applications. You can reach her at Sherry.zhangxuemei@huawei.com.