Content as a Business Asset

Presentation Abstract

Today, technical communicators wear multiple hats and are asked to produce user manuals, illustrations, simulations, tutorials, animations, ebooks, and so on. All of these are content assets—in essence, a content asset is a piece of content that you can use to drive more customers to your product or can be monetized and includes datasheets, whitepapers, blogs, demos, and other technical collateral. Without these content assets, the lead would probably not have been converted to a sale. This is precisely where good technical communication can help enhance the content marketing efforts. Good technical  content does more than serve as an aid to how to use a product. It can enable the customer throughout the customer journey: from presales- implementation- post sales and support.

What can attendees expect to learn?

In this session, Sharmila Rammohan describes tools and techniques on how

  1. We can rework the technical communicator’s role to repurpose technical content for these different types of content
  2. Technical communicators can position their work as a competitive differentiator.

Meet the Presenter

Sharmila has over 15 years’ experience in high tech technical collateral/content strategy. She has a BS EE from India and an MBA from Pepperdine University and is currently a Sr Manager at Thermofisher Scientific