Promoting Modern Docs in Large Organizations

Presentation Abstract

Dynamic, fast-paced small companies value excellence and state-of-the-art technology. You built your polished, ultra-modern help portal and customers love it. Then one day you are purchased by a larger, more established corporation which has its own doc standards and delivery platforms. How do you promote your modern doc delivery system to a company which has built their systems over decades?

Meet the Presenter

Lawrence Orin is Documentation Manager of SteelCentral Aternity at Riverbed. Aternity’s documentation portal aims to offer easy access to content on any task in any publication of any version for any Aternity product, all through a single search box. The portal has several innovations, including intelligent context sensitive help, dynamic search filtering, and analytics insights. Prior to Aternity, Lawrence led the documentation team at Radvision. He has also led teams in customer services, and has worked as a programmer and graphic designer. He holds a BSc. in Computer Science with Cognitive Science from University College London.