Info Dynamics: Entropic Approach to Publishing

Presentation Abstract

Rapid penetration of new technologies open curtains to new market segments and cause fluctuating product requirements. Internet of things and connected devices are causing exponential demand of product flux and with that, the information flux. The challenge is not just that the organizations need to present up-to-date information. They also need to redefine their information life cycle from an entropic perspective. Entropy is the measure of disorder in a system. In the market perspective, this becomes the measure of unpredictability and ever changing market condition.

This presentation is about an entropic based approach to the system of publishing plus authoring where in, the value of an artifact is derived based on information parameters consisting of an entropic measure. This value determines the life cycle of that artifact. Depending on the life cycle stage, the information is moved to respective storage channels called tracks. Also, the publishing is built on a dynamic web-based approach and authoring is on a just-in-time retrievable architecture where in, each smallest piece of information is either directly processed from software or updated by technical communicators. The authoring approach is based on the perspective of “objects” that can be easily converted into formats and rendered into instant outputs that support multiple form factors.

This approach involves latest technologies such as neural networks, behavioral machine learning, and image processing. This is also powered by information extraction and information retrieval techniques that are tunable. The superior nature of this solution lies in its simplicity that this entire system can be deployed on cloud and can be migrated easily. Applying minimalist principles together with just-in-time retrieval of categorized information is the solution for the ever fluctuating info dynamics.

This approach is partially tested for one of the categories of information and the efforts of authoring and publishing reduced to a large extent. The full-scale solution is in progress.

What can attendees expect to learn?

The presentation will benefit the audience in the following ways:

Reduce the cost of authoring and storage exponentially.
Re-look at their information trends and evaluate their product systems to come up with the ways to process the systems to extract the information.
Categorize information types that they are delivering
According to the category, design a just-in-time retrieval model
Apply minimalism to deliver maximum value
Archive the information according the life cycle or convert into a history stream

Meet the Presenter

Vamshi has 10+ years of rich and varied experience in the field of Technical Communications and Software architecture, cutting across different verticals. He has grown to the ranks from being a trainee to a developer, writer, senior technical writer, lead writer, and also a design architect, all throughout understanding the issues and challenges faced by writers at each level in organizations. He is a big advocate of innovation and realizes that with the business dynamics in place, innovation is critical to survival of organizations. Vamshi comes with an experience in writing, training, mentoring, coaching, usability analysis, structured authoring, change management, and facilitating innovation. Vamshi and his team at Bangalore, India, are at the forefront of innovation and always beaming with new ideas. Vamshi has done his Engineering from the Osmania University in Electrical and Electronics. A thorough veteran with anything in technical writing, he is looked on by his peers and team as a problem solver and encouraging out-of-the-box ideas. He is currently leading the Customer Product Information deliveries at Ericsson, Bangalore.

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