Overcoming Complexity of Mergers and Acquisitions for User Assistance

Presentation Abstract

Don’t rush to “integrate” teams/resources. Plan for the long haul, pay attention to people as they are the most critical aspect being impacted. Don’t use a “template,” each and every integration after an acquisition will be different.

What can attendees expect to learn?

Having had experience of being part of the merger/acquisition process from both ends of the equation, I feel that I have pertinent experience that I can share and discuss with the audience so that they can be better, more efficient and more successful when they have to face their own challenges with integrating newly acquired tech pub teams.

Vlad Khanin is the head of the User Assistance team at NextGen Healthcare, Vlad’s team encompasses writers, editors, managers across the world. Significant part of the current team has been added through acquisition processes. Vlad has first-hand leadership experience with over half a dozen of acquisitions done by NextGen Healthcare.