DITA Governance as a Service: Common Practices Ease the Burden on Content Development Teams

Presentation Abstract

Authoring technical content in DITA and leveraging a CCMS provides powerful efficiencies and incentives to teams but requires careful attention, governance, and guidance. For technical content teams across an enterprise business, establishing and maintaining Information Architecture practices often becomes an additional burden to a select few. Properly defining, scheduling, and coordinating efforts to ensure proper DITA structure and CCMS compliance allows teams to regularize this activity and monitor the forms of content published, while providing training opportunities. When done well, teams can take comfort of knowing that the right content is published at time of release.

What can attendees expect to learn?

This presentation will discuss how individual contributors from a collection of small to medium-sized technical content development teams collaborated to harmonize disparate practices and standards for the review and release of technical content. It will highlight the importance of properly defining, scheduling, and coordinating efforts to ensure a common set of expectations for the release of technical content.

Meet the Presenter

Sam Kadwell is an Information Architect for the Information Design and Development teams in the Storage division at Dell EMC. He began his career at EMC authoring hardware documentation and quickly developed a strong belief in the power and efficiency of DITA. He continues to encourage technical content developers and information architects to seek out the full potential for content reuse and to implement common standards and structures for technical content across the enterprise.