Merge, Baby. Merge!

Presentation Abstract

Merging multiple Branches of documentation often creates complex difficulties particularly if the writer(s) are working on the same documentation simultaneously and if the Merge contains conflicts across the Branches. This presentation will explain how a smart system will explicitly detail Merge conflicts i.e. far moves/local moves, missing attributes/conflicting values, updates to content, in-progress translations and present writer(s) with the resolutions.

What can attendees expect to learn?

The audience will learn that although the process of merging documents can be somewhat complex, with the right system and the right setup the complexity can be can be pared-down and instead the user can accomplish the merges efficiently and successfully.

Meet the Presenter

As Director of Sales Engineering for Astoria Software Bill’s main responsibility is supporting Sales with the technical aspects of the application of the Astoria Component Content Management System.
Bill’s background includes 20+ years of experience with component content management systems as well as with XML, SGML and structured authoring. He has held other various positions such as CCMS Administrator for Siemens Postal Division in Arlington, TX, Director of Content Management at Axentis LLC in Warrensville Heights, OH, Consultant to Department of the US Navy Virginia Beach, VA and Senior Consultant/Training Manager at Interleaf in Boston, MA.

Bill has a BA in Mathematics from Eastern Nazarene College in Massachusetts, and a professional certification in Computerized Manufacturing from Cambridge College in Boston, MA.