The Case for Conferences

Presentation Abstract

In this short but engaging talk, we’ll examine four of the most common objections managers have about sending employees to conferences, and discuss some ways to win over a curmudgeon boss.

We’ll share some tips for justifying the expense, convincing your team (and yourself) that time out of the office is time well spent, getting up-to-date information in person instead of online, and bringing back what you learn!

What can attendees expect to learn?

Audience members will experience at least a laugh or two, as we take a lighthearted look at how to tell the right story to the people that hold the purse strings. Use the skills you learn here to convince your boss to send you to lovely events just like this one.

Meet the Presenter

Jennifer Condon leads a team of talented technical writers at Mastercard. After 14 years as a technical writer, Jennifer decided to stop complaining about her job and start trying to fix it. While she once was an amusing mash-up of Dilbert’s Tina the Tech Writer and always aggravated Alice, Jennifer now embodies the pointy haired boss. Right after she morphed into management, Jennifer realized she missed her calling as a stand-up comedian. #NoPressure.