Opportunities and challenges of a cross-functional, shared services model for digital experience

Presentation Abstract

Leveraging the panel’s experience and knowledge in customer journey and toolchain strategy, content development leadership, and community/marketing innovation, we will discuss how we found success and learned some tough lessons building a shared services model. From improving content development ROI to building customer engagement, our learnings can shed light on the do’s and don’ts of growing a successful digital team that leverages talent across the enterprise.

What can attendees expect to learn?

Our audience will come away with actionable strategies they can apply to their own organizations, including best practices and traps to avoid. They will learn about these strategies from a group with multiple points of view, who have worked together to achieve common goals. Our panelists represent experience with teams including social customer care, tool innovation, content strategy, and writer experience. These ideas are not abstract; they are real-world examples that any content leader can implement today.

Meet the Presenters

Laurel Nicholes and her band of Digital Experience professionals have decades of experience in evolving the Tech Comm role in organizations from start-up busts (Webvan) to billion-dollar Fortune 100 companies (Microsoft, EMC, Transamerica.) The panel includes a mix of technologists, marketing gurus, and thought leaders with a shared goal of discussing how Technical Publications fits in the age of Digital Experience.

Niki Vecsei Harrold is an experienced Social Media and Communities Engagement Manager with a wealth of digital and content marketing experience for start-ups and Fortune 100 companies alike. Her passion is to connect people to content to enable everyone to find success in their work and private life. Originally from Europe, her experience spans across 2 continents. In her free time she loves to do sports, enjoys the outdoors, cooking and reading murder mystery books. If you want to know more about her work or perspective on Communities and Content, follow her site for regular updates: 

From technical writer to Director of Information Experience at Dell EMC leading multiple global teams in content development and information architecture, Pat Burrows’ career spans the full arc of our industry. In her new role as a consultant, Pat has been helping small companies and large corporations “think inside the box” about the creation and delivery of their content. Pat leads shifts in mindset for structured authoring and digital experience, building business cases that win cross-organizational investment and deliver results. Her experience includes structured authoring implementation, development of common standards, motivating teams to deliver future-state results, and shaping the intricate politics that can define the direction of information development.