Augmented Reality and IoT? Yes, but it all starts with (connecting) the source

Presentation Abstract

We all are aware that IoT and AR/VR are coming, the latter being a ‘new’ publication format to engage our end users to learn more about our product and also allow for more effective field service. However, what does this mean for the source we are creating our content in today. What do we need to know and do NOW as a technical communicator to be able to connect our product information to IoT strategies and AR publishing?

Meet the Presenter

Berry Braster is the Technology Director of Technical Documentation at Etteplan, a specialist in engineering, embedded systems, IoT, and technical documentation solutions with over 2500 employees worldwide. Berry has over 16 years of experience in the field of technical documentation and has assisted many global companies with their content strategies, how to effectively communicate technical information and apply universal standards for content, including Simplified Technical English and DITA.