Drinking Our Own Champagne: DITA in Theory and Praxis

Presentation Abstract

In the past few years Xeditor has grown from focusing on publishing books, journals, and legal material into the area of technical writing and, in particular, DITA. As a result of this journey, we realized that we were not only developing great software for others, but software that we could leverage for our own internal use. In this presentation we will discuss some of the pros and cons of migrating our own documentation to DITA using Xeditor, Google Drive, and the DITA Open Toolkit. We will look at how we also moved from focusing on enterprise solutions to also supporting small teams.

What can attendees expect to learn?

  • Understanding issues involved in migrating to DITA
  • Understanding how to think through DITA for your content
  • Real examples end-to-end DITA solutions

Meet the Presenter

Anthony Apodaca has worked in the US and internationally as an advocate of XML technologies, structured content, and publishing methodologies for the past ten years. He has performed and taught theatrical improvisation in New York and Seattle and currently works for Xpublisher, creators of Xeditor. He holds not one, but two masters degrees in the study of religion.

Not a lot is know about Simon Fischer… Some say he was created by the gods in order to help mankind achieve their true potential. Others say he’s just a myth, created by those who seek to control us. Still other’s say he’s actually a web developer in his early twenties from Germany.