Influencing Up through Personal Leadership

Presentation Abstract

Whether you are a manager or an individual contributor who is leading an information initiative, project, or team, you are likely answering to someone for your resources and approval for the focus of your efforts. Most often, that someone is a busy manager or executive with broad areas of responsibility and concern. In her world, you are one of 10, 25, or even 50 individual initiatives. So how do you get your team, your project, or even your career development or advancement on her radar — AND get her approval, funding, or other support?

There is an art to “managing up,” and everyone, at every level, should learn how to do it and practice it! You can become an influence ninja by focusing on only what you can personally control! Join Andrea as she shares the key, actionable tips, tricks, and tools that have brought her the best success in influencing up. (First tip: All of her tips apply to influencing in ANY direction!)

What can attendees expect to learn?

Participants will get an overview of influencing, the key building blocks of personal leadership that provide the platform for true influence, and tips for how to influence anyone, at any level, no matter how much positional power they have.

Meet the Presenter

Andrea L. Ames, M.S., has more than 25 years of experience in technical communication, specializing in content information experience strategy, architecture, design, and usability. She is a speaker and teacher on these topics, as well as technical communication industry trends, strategy, leadership, and professional development.