Molecular Content: A roadmap for creating and organizing content

Molecular content is about developing a method for geographically disparate teams to create content, moving away from product-defined deliverables, and re-focusing content creation on specialized content blocks at the same time maintaining the potential for systematic reuse. It also provides a lexicon to communicate, both within teams and externally, about how content is analyzed, planned, and delivered.

Why? The topic is too small and the document map is too big.

Creating content for modular software-only products in continuous development and for DevOps projects requires a new approach. Customer-differentiated continuous publication requires that teams are organized so that resources can be tessellated dynamically and creation prioritized to deliver maximum value.

What can attendees expect to learn?

A detailed design rationale for DITA content that simplifies the creation of complex deliverables from building blocks and that mimics a Linux container-design philosophy and lean agile development. The impetus was the transformation of a traditional Telco company into a cloud and integrated services provider, with time-to-market and value creation as critical benchmarks for success. The experience is relevant to all businesses that must transform to meet the challenges of the IoT.

Meet the Presenter

Male SilhouetteRobert Gillespie has spent 8 years working at Nokia as a technical communicator following many years working in legal compliance and politics as a strategy and speech writer. He is currently creating a content strategy to meet the challenges of Telco evolving from closed, monolithic products to the fluidity of cloud enterprise.

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