Information-as-Service Design

Information is a type of service that helps users complete a specific assignment or activity by themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the properties of information-as-service during the information architecture design.

Huawei proposes a ROADS concept, which defines five “information-as-service” property factors as ‘real-time’, ‘on-demand’, ‘all online’, ‘DIY’, and ‘society’. This presentation will focus on how to implement these five factors into Huawei’s information architecture design.

What can attendees expect to learn?

Consider the information architecture design in the form of services. This improves users’ information experience. This also increases the information utilization rate and therefore boosts users’ work efficiency.  The information-as-service design is a trend of information content design. Its focus shifts from information content solely to a comprehensive solution to efficient information use.

Meet the Presenter

Female SilhouetteSherry is the leader of the Information Architect team within the IT Information Dept. at Huawei Technologies. Co. Ltd. Sherry began her information development career at Huawei over 16 years ago.



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