From DATA to DITA to Document—A Successful Pathway in Drug Development

A Case Study presenting a practical approach to auto-assemble Patient Narratives, reducing time spent on authoring and review by over 90%.

The time savings are dramatic enough to positively impact time to market, generating one of the most compelling business cases seen in Life Sciences – not only for management, but for the Shareholders as well. All performed through carefully managed Structured Content Management (SCM) using Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Word and the Dx4™ platform from DITA Exchange.

What can attendees expect to learn?

Attendees will learn how a major pharmaceutical company is realizing significant time savings during a critical period of the drug development process while also saving millions of dollars in expense at the same. Most if the content needed has already been captured in other operational systems and can be transformed into writer-ready content, thereby reducing waste in time and effort. And by using a publishing solution that provides this content in a format that writers already know, it becomes even faster to complete while not requiring any specialized authoring tool skills.

Meet the Presenter

JimNicholsJim Nichols is the VP of Life Sciences at DitaExchange and also serves as the CEO & President of the Institute for Regulatory Information Submission Standards (IRISS). He has decades of technology experience substantially in the healthcare and life sciences areas.

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