Validation, Visualization, and Transparency: Creating the Tools and Culture for Content

DITA is a robust information architecture that supports advanced content reuse, conditional information, and complex linking. However, the traditional table-of-contents (ToC) view presented by authoring tools does not sufficiently display or validate the structure and relationships within modern publications intended for the web. Information Architects Jason Holmberg and Tom Dill from DELL EMC’s Information Experience and Technology Team demonstrate how DELL EMC built the self-service tools to visualize the complex nature of modern technical publications and rigorously and automatically check content for adherence to standards and for technical errors, reducing required support hours overall and creating a culture of consistent and pro-active content quality review.

Meet the Presenter

Jason Holmberg is a Principal Information Architect in the Global information Management (GIM) group at DELL EMC, focusing on dynamic publishing and infrastructure improvement. As a DITA advocate, Jason works to build an environment that provides strong content management, a great user experience, and a robust (and pleasant!) content creation process.



Thomas Dill is the Manager of Information Architecture at DELL EMC. In that role he leads a team of information architects that provide DITA modeling, training, support and testing for an enterprise wide DITA CCMS system serving the content delivery needs of multiple divisions at EMC Corporation. Tom has been with EMC for over 19 years and worked in the computer industry for over 25 years. Over the course of his career he has held positions in information architecture, technical publications, IT, marketing and software development. In the past, Tom presented at the 2013 CIDM Best Practices Conference in Savannah, GA.


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