Structured Authoring: “Tips and Tricks” on training your staff

In early 2015, the Corporate Technical Publications team at Mentor Graphics embarked on the migration from unstructured FrameMaker content to a custom DITA 1.2 implementation. Eighteen months later, 100 geographically-dispersed content developers (all with various levels of expertise and skill sets) are authoring topics in a structured environment. How did we do it? There are many critical pathways, but training is a key factor, not to be underestimated!

In this 15-minute table talk, Sarah will provide a list of pragmatic “tips and tricks” that can foster your team’s migration to structure. Even if you’ve already made the move to a structured authoring environment, there are on-going training techniques that you can employ to help your staff gain the necessary skills for effective, efficient topic-based content development.

What can attendees expect to learn?

Conference attendees will hear real-world strategies and tactics on the training aspects of a successful migration to structure. Sarah presents a timeline of specific activities and objectives that will prepare a global team of content developers to move to a structured authoring environment.

Meet the Presenter

SarahLeritzHigginsSarah Leritz-Higgins has over 25 years of experience in content development and customer support. As part of her current role as a Technical Publications Manager at Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT), Sarah leads the development and delivery of internal training modules for a staff of over 100 content developers across the globe. In prior roles, Sarah has developed and conducted usability studies for users of high-tech software. Her areas of interest and expertise include minimalism, usability, topic-based writing, and DITA. Sarah has a B.A. from Allegheny College and a Certificate in Technical Communication from De Anza College. Connect with Sarah on Twitter @sleritz.

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