Automating the Release Notes Creation and Publication Process

At VMware, to create release notes we use multiple tools to transfer text between systems, and our publishing process involves a number of manual tasks in complex systems.

The Release Notes Automation tool increases productivity and lowers costs by providing a more efficient method of engaging engineering and QE in the release note creation process. Efficiency occurs by integrating with the issue tracking system, enforcing consistency, streamlining the process, standardizing the HTML templates, and automating the publication process.

Meet the Presenter

Jo-Ann Fogg has over 20 years of experience in authoring technical documentation and in managing technical writing teams for companies such as EMC and VMware. She is currently managing a writing team for the VMware vRealize Suite of Cloud Management products. Jo-Ann’s passion for providing users with the technical content that best meets their needs and for improving documentation practices has led her to her current endeavor of applying Agile principles to the content development process to support shorter feature development and release schedules.

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