How to Host an Awesomeful CCMS Implementation

Many businesses and documentation teams make fundamental strategic errors when they begin their efforts to implement a XML/CCMS process. Some of these errors can add inefficiency and consume a lot of an organization’s precious time and resources, damaging or even fatally wounding a XML/CCMS implementation effort. This session will highlight strategic errors that bloat schedules, cause duplication of effort, and strain team capacity and then show how tried and true implementation strategies can avoid needless inefficiency.

What can attendees expect to learn:

This presentation will stress the importance of doing adequate planning and preparation for a CCMS implementation by presenting the consequences of not doing so. By learning from other people’s mistakes, attendees will learn how to invest their content with greater value, eliminate redundancy in content development and translation, improve content retrievability, and develop deliverables more quickly. Also, planning implementations with the input of all stakeholders enables better cross-department communication and goal setting.

Meet the Presenter:

BillBurnsBill Burns is an Applications Engineer for Vasont Systems. He has 22 years of experience in the technical communications and publishing tools industries, including 12 years as an XML/CCMS consultant. Bill provides technical consulting and training services specializing in XML technologies, content management, XSL publishing processes, single-source process development, technical writing, and content internationalization.

He presents at conferences, seminars, and other forums. He is a coauthor of “The WebWorks Publisher Cookbook: Transforming Your FrameMaker Files to HTML and Online Help” and a contributing author of “Technical Writing 101: a Real-World Guide to Planning and Writing Technical Documentation.”


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