(Don’t) Measure (Just) Anything
Measure with a Purpose!

Presentation Abstract

There are many issues facing Tech Pubs managers that may not be obvious candidates for metrics.  However, measurements alone don’t mean anything. Metrics have little meaning without its relationship to an issue. The analysis of metric data is what is critical – this is the purpose of metrics.  In this presentation, Chona will present a view of how to use metrics that help resolve a problem by following a simple rubric, as well as show you how metrics can actually increase your value to your company.

Meet the Presenter

ChonaChona Shumate has been a senior manager of the technical publications group at Cymer, Inc., a semiconductor company in San Diego, CA for the past 20 years. Prior to that, she worked as a technical writer for 8 years in Silicon Valley. She has a background in usability testing and topic-based/single-source information design. Among her recent projects, she implemented an XML/DITA/CCMS integrated system for developing, publishing, and repurposing large volumes of product information, as well as a solutions-based Field Portal for Cymer’s field service personnel. Chona also manages the Technical Training group, developing advanced training programs, and aligning the synergy between the two teams to focus on improving product performance for the customer.

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