The Internet of Things: Extending automated and triggered help content to your customers and your service personnel

Presentation Abstract

In the age of IoT, connected devices have opened up a whole new way of supporting your customer. Learn how you can leverage real-time device information to provide your customers with an immediate diagnosis and troubleshooting walkthroughs before they even notice the problem.
In this session you will learn how to create adaptive decision workflows as part of your documentation, trigger the right workflow at the right time based on device information and serve the workflow to customers through your web or mobile application.

What attendees can expect to learn

Users will learn about the significance of creating adaptive workflows that will help their customer with device issues before users even notice the problem.  One of the main takeaways will be leveraging real-time device information to provide customers with an immediate diagnosis.

Meet the Presenter

Hannan has served in various executive R&D and Product positions, focused on defining and building market leading enterprise products. In his last role, Hannan served as a Senior Product Manager at NICE Systems, helping large financial institutions identify compliance risks in mass amounts of unstructured customer communications by applying speech, text and transactional analytics. Prior to that, Hannan led NICE’s Situation Management solution to a global market leader position while helping enterprises improve operations with optimized knowledge delivery and response workflows. At Zoomin, Hannan and his team develop innovative products that help organizations reduce customer effort by providing personalized and consistent product information across customer touchpoints.

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