The ServiceNow Story: Modernizing and transforming

Presentation Abstract

Over the past two years, ServiceNow’s product documentation delivery program has changed dramatically. Like many product documentation teams, we’ve modernized our tools and processes. We’ve moved from unstructured content to DITA, from manual to automated publishing. We’ve added automated editing tools. We migrated from a “basic” web site to a dynamic site that provides SSO, taxonomy integration, context-sensitive help integration, and multi-version support.

Modernizing is just Step 1. Step 2 is to transform. A new site can make gaps in content architecture more obvious. Having a taxonomy doesn’t necessarily mean the site navigation makes sense to users. Having a site with a powerful search engine doesn’t mean users can find the information they need.

In this presentation, we’ll look at transforming content development and delivery to provide greater value to users. Using ServiceNow as a case study, we’ll look at the metrics, skills, and roles involved in the transformation journey with a focus on the intersection between web site design, content, and search. How do you transform and how do you measure success?

What attendees can expect to learn

During the modernization part of the presentation, we’ll look at how to assess tools needed for modernization and provide tips for managing the introduction of new technologies. Then the focus turns to transformation—what to think about after you’ve deployed the technology. We’ll look at ways of assessing the user experience with a focus on helping users find the information they need quickly. We’ll walk through a checklist for assessing search, look at search metrics and dashboards for assessing the health of a site. We’ll review new roles and skills needed to take a content development organization to the next level.

Meet the Presenter

SharonFingoldSharon Fingold has more than 20 years of experience in content development and delivery for high tech companies. As a manager, and program manager for startups and large companies she has focused on transforming content development and delivery practices to increase efficiency and meet customer needs. At VMware, Sharon was responsible for moving the Technical Publications organization to DITA and a CCMS. As the Senior Program Manager for Documentation Delivery at ServiceNow, Sharon is currently focused on web delivery and the Information Development team’s portfolio of transformation initiatives, including SEO, site search success, analytics, and user experience.


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