Content Creation Collaboration: Documentation and Training

Presentation Abstract
Right now customers want accessible, relevant content to perform a task or understand a concept. Over the past 18 months HP’s Enterprise Knowledge Management (KM) group has been collaborating with HP’s Learning and Development (L&D) group to achieve a consistent, compelling, and operationally efficient experience across multiple audiences. We have had to face many challenges: Multiple organizations duplicating content creating inconsistent overlap and unnecessary expense; lack of process, tools and governance creating content to meet business requirements across all audiences (sellers, partners, support, etc.); and stress on Subject Matter Experts (SME) to meet the needs of multiple, content creating entities. Our results so far include: an agreed on a global content model and development process; established cross-organizational relationships; integrated development content schedules; collaborative development meetings; and a significant reduction in redundant SME interaction.

Meet the Presenter

Russell Routh is a Section Manager in the HP Enterprise Group Knowledge Management group. His section focuses on Networking, Server Software, and Converged System Software information development with a mission to deliver a compelling and increasingly contextual information experience. Russ has spent his entire career in the industry and has been with HP for the last 18 years as a content developer, program manager, manager, and section manager. In his time with HP, Russ has integrated several acquisitions from a Knowledge Management perspective, including 3PAR. Russ also finds time to lead employee programs such as a cross-functional mentoring program. Russ holds a Bachelors of Art in English from San Jose State University.


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