Collaboration in a Structured Environment

Presentation Abstract

Product development teams are understaffed across industries. More often than not, writing teams bear the brunt of budget cuts. So how do you create and maintain quality user documentation that will complement and enhance your product? Join Joe Storbeck as he shares what he has learned about how Agile teams can collaborate to author useful and quality information.


What can attendees expect to learn?

Attendees will learn you can still create quality documentation in an Agile team with an understaffed writing team.


Meet the Presenter


Joe Storbeck has been a technical communication professional for nearly 30 years, and has an extensive background in the development of structured data and data application methodologies. He has led technical documentation teams for some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, including IBM, Citibank and AIG, and now leads the DITA consultation and development team for San Antonio, Texas based JANA, Inc.

Joe is recognized as an expert in the development and application of DITA, an XML data model utilized primarily in the authoring and publishing of technical documentation. During his time at IBM, Joe worked directly with the team developing the DITA architecture, and chaired a corporation-wide group of professionals tasked with training IBM’s technical writers in the use of DITA. This group of DITA advocates also collected feedback and usage data from DITA users around the world, and used the information that they collected to create and publish best practices guides for use by the various IBM writing teams.

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