QR codes and the mobile information experience

Presentation Abstract

Mobile usage is rapidly growing and is now a valuable platform for delivering relevant technical content anywhere at any time. The HP mobile information demo will show how the HP Enterprise Knowledge Management group is using QR codes to enhance the customer mobile information experience. QR codes on HP ProLiant servers provide an HP mobile information experience to customers by providing contextual access to out-of-box setup for configuring, installing and getting their server up and running. HP’s mobile landing page serves as a bookmark for troubleshooting and error message information, as well as a means for looking up spare parts. QR codes direct customers to mobile friendly web pages with mobile friendly content.

Meet the Presenter

Russell Routh is a Section Manager in the HP Enterprise Group Knowledge Management group. His section focuses on Networking, Server Software, and Converged System Software information development with a mission to deliver a compelling and increasingly contextual information experience. Russ has spent his entire career in the industry and has been with HP for the last 18 years as a content developer, program manager, manager, and section manager. In his time with HP, Russ has integrated several acquisitions from a Knowledge Management perspective, including 3PAR. Russ also finds time to lead employee programs such as a cross-functional mentoring program. Russ holds a Bachelors of Art in English from San Jose State University.

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