The Collaboration Experience Through your Mobile Device and Browser

Presentation Abstract

The Astoria WebApp is a feature that will enable collaboration with the content developers on your team, as well as with others in your organization, to ensure your content is ready for prime-time. With the WebApp reviewers and SMEs can now “pitch-in” and get that content ready for prime-time using their browser or mobile device. Features include reviewing XML content by adding images to content or cross-reference information that explicitly allows them to more clearly express their viewpoint. It also includes marking up the content so authors can clearly see what was added and what was deleted. Workflow email invitations can invite these experts, and others on your team, to join the collaboration experience easily through their mobile device or browser. The Astoria Webapp Demo will bring this experience to life and demonstrate a collaboration scenario using mobile and browser technology.


What can attendees expect to learn?

Attendees will learn that the Astoria WebApp is a robust feature that has been developed for collaboration of content development projects. Attendees will understand that along with the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile apps the pervasive “anytime-anywhere” collaboration explosion is not only possible but is available with their content and should be part of their process. They will see and learn first-hand that the Astoria WebApp is leading the way for SMEs and reviewers to collaborate and to capture that entire process in their content as marked-up modifications and comments. All of this can be done on their coveted mobile devices.


Meet the Presenter


Bill Gamboa currently works for Astoria Software as the Director of Sales Engineering and makes his home in Atlanta, GA. His responsibilities include supporting Sales with the technical aspects of getting involved with companies that seek to implement a CCMS. His experience includes on a Global scale:

Directing Proof of Concepts for enterprise-wide organizations
Implementing CCMS for private industry as well as government organizations
Speaking at Content Management conferences
Delivering technical demonstrations
Developing and delivering technical training courses
Providing technical user support

His knowledge of Component Content Management Systems and structured document composition has earned him the recognition as an expert in the information and content management industry.

Bill has a BA in Mathematics from Eastern Nazarene College, a certificate in Computerized Manufacturing from Cambridge College and an MBA certificate from Kent State University.

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