Technical documentation in the Agile process

Presentation Abstract
Does your company develop software using the Agile process and you are struggling to meet expectations, or is your company talking about going agile and you are wondering how tech doc creation will fit in? This presentation will look at how tech docs fits with an agile software process, based on experiences of writers in several different development teams all of whom think they are working or are trying to work agile. The presentation will start with a brief definition of what is considered as agile tech doc creation, and then present brief some case studies highlighting success and points of failure. At the end of the presentation a discussion is expected where the audience can ask questions or present very brief case stories that expand on the knowledge shared.

Meet the Presenter


Richard Frankland has worked for Radiometer Medical for 25+ years, starting out in sales roles in Sydney, Australia and after obtaining an MBA, moving into marketing roles in Denmark. Since 2008 he has been the Technical Publications Manager where, based on his core interests of strategy and process improvement and by applying Agile and lean principles, he has transitioned the department to using a DITA-XML based writing, translation and production system.

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