Defining a role for Technical Communications

Presentation Abstract

This session will highlight the key events (some planned – some not) in the last couple of years that helped us to reposition the Technical Communications group in Brocade Communications, and will cover how we redefined our role within the corporation by introducing and then driving the need for formal content management. A mixture of drivers – multiple groups, acquisitions, cost efficiencies, localization needs, global teams and overlapping product sets – led us to a CCMS solution that could provide a consistent look & feel and common workflows for content across global websites … that then became a model that we could position as part of a corporate tool strategy. The session will explain how we integrated user-generated best practice content into the overall structure while creating a framework for future personalized delivery … and will note the importance of being part of the development of a corporate taxonomy.

Meet the Presenter

Neville Fleet is Manager of the Technical Communications organization in Brocade Communications. Brocade is a provider of networking solutions for the service provider core through to enterprise data centers, with products that stretch from storage fabrics and IP switches to NFV solutions and SDN controllers. The Technical Communications group is a recently consolidated global organization (USA, India, England, Ireland and Israel) that supports this range of products using SDL’s LiveContent product suite. The group is transitioning from delivering just traditional product content to also delivering best practice content, localized content and videos. Before joining Brocade, Neville was a Director of Knowledge Management & Customer Experience in Cisco Systems, and has a Masters in Information Processing from the Department of Operational Research at Exeter University, UK. Key roles before Cisco included program management and information architect in IBM Global Services, and technical publications and product management in Digital Equipment Corporation.

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