Visual Search & Augmented Reality as part of your content strategy

Presentation Abstract

For many businesses, aftermarket service and parts operations are very profitable; the service business is growing twice the rate of the average business unit. However, the service business is also very costly if we cannot provide our end users with the content they actually need, whenever and wherever they are. A good content strategy enhances the service information process, but when you combine it with developments like augmented reality and visual search you will truly see the improvements.


What can attendees expect to learn?

Berry Braster will show how to use visual search and augmented reality in combination with the necessary steps within a  content strategy to improve your service business in particular and technical documentation in general.


Meet the Presenter


Berry is the Sales Director of technical documentation services at Etteplan, an engineering and documentation service provider with over 1800 employees. Berry has over 14 years of experience in the field of technical documentation and has assisted many global companies with their content strategies, how to effectively communicate technical information and apply universal standards for content, including Simplified Technical English and DITA.



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