Complex concepts, simple interface…
Crafting a great DITA authoring experience

Presentation Abstract

To prepare content for re-use, re-purpose, multi-channel, dynamic and personalized publication is relevant for many organizations, yet successfully implemented by a few.

Engaging authors is a key success factor in establishing this.

We made it our mission: to enable anyone to produce semantically rich- and structured content. UX Designers, Programmers, Content Architects and Authors are jointly crafting an interface, looking to find the best balance between the schema’s complex possibilities and the ease-of-use an author needs.

We design, try and test. We re-design, re-try and re-test. We introduce user interface concepts and remove them again. We find best practices and identify the exceptions to these.

What can attendees expect to learn?

How do we use experiences from online engagement for improving the authoring experience?  What drives online behavior, how do we engage people who we can not force?

In our presentation, Jan Benedictus will show examples of the challenges the team comes across, the solutions we find and the questions that are still unanswered.

Meet the Presenter


Jan Benedictus MSc. is an experienced entrepreneur with focus on online publishing and content strategy. He has the Dutch nationality and works and lives in The Hague.

Jan has over 15 years of experience in online Publishing. He founded interactive agency Liones in 1999 and FontoXML in 2013.

Based on experience in designing, building and optimizing websites and applications, his 35 person team now develops and implements SME centered authoring for publishers, government and enterprises. Jan is actively involved in many of the implementation projects.



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