Atlas Copco: Rare Bird Submission

Presentation Abstract

Who spends $3.6M on projects for taking a huge development leap within technical information and user collaboration? Atlas Copco does.
The Technical Information departments within Atlas Copco are changing tracks. We changed our mission from being a delivery function and became a global service function. We have gone from book-bound authoring concept into topic-based information architecture. We are migrating our existing legacy documentation from various formats into XML and fully indexed PDFs. The migrated and converted content is published into a new, global, cloud-based web site.

All this is part of a vision that was drawn up in 2012. A vision we named DocMine – targeting a global collaboration platform for Atlas Copco customers, as well as our own product support and service business functions.

What can attendees expect to learn?

You will learn about the challenges in the creation of a global collaboration platform for technical information, and how to get top management as well as staff onboard on such a long term development.

Meet the Presenter

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