Creating Content Collaboratively with a CCMS

Presentation Abstract

Many people within an organization can contribute valuable insights to documentation projects based on their expertise and it should be your goal to make sure this content gets to your customers. For example: information architects understand how content should be presented, engineers can best describe the functionalities they have developed, while your support team knows what your customers are asking or looking for.

It is truly beneficial that all of these resources be involved in the production of technical communications in order to deliver the most accurate and collaborative content to your customers.

In this Demo Jam, Keith will present the IXIASOFT DITA CMS, a component content management solution which offers a great way to manage modular content based on DITA and to optimize content reuse. DITA CMS provides organizations with all of the tools necessary to easily obtain collaboration, input and feedback from these valuable resources that are not always part of the technical documentation team.

Keith will demo:

  • a powerful user interface for authors
  • an intuitive web interface for non-technical resources
  • a PDF annotation tool for reviewers
  • a dynamic delivery tool which allows support teams to comment on published content


What can attendees expect to learn?

Participants who are looking for an enterprise-class, end-to-end CCMS solution should definitely attend this presentation. Attendees will learn how working with a standard like DITA and using a CCMS, like our DITA CMS, allows for content reuse and makes it easy for teams to collaboratively create content in an efficient and accurate way.


Meet the Presenter


Keith is a DITA Information Architect at IXIASOFT, DITA evangelist and technical writing nerd. Keith is also an award-winning lecturer on Information Architecture at the University of Toronto and Durham College. He is also an active member of the OASIS DITA Adoption and Technical Committees. He can often be found presenting at conferences, working with customers, and researching how DITA is being used and sharing those results with the DITA community. Keith’s popular industry blog has become a focal point on DITA resources and best practices. Connect with Keith on Twitter @KeithIXIASOFT.



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