Reusing Content from a Gazillion Engineers

Presentation Abstract

We are living in an ever-changing mobile era with diverse user scenarios and information consuming environments. End users are demanding a new kind of information experience with Real-Time, On-Demand, All Online, Do-it-Yourself (DIY) and Social (ROADS) features. It is becoming more and more challenging for technical writers in big businesses to timely and efficiently provide rich content to meet diverse and personalized user scenarios. This presentation will demonstrate how Huawei deals with this challenge seamlessly using its automated Integrated Single Sourcing innovation. This innovation helps information architects, technical writers, marketing engineers, system engineers, product developers, and most importantly customers collaborate and realize amazing results in performance, quality and efficiency.

Meet the Presenter

Farhad Patel is an award winning technical communications manager, passionate about innovation and continuous improvement. He has over 18 years of well rounded experience spanning careers in information development, information architecture and project management. He is especially interested in how new technologies can improve today’s information development and delivery techniques. Farhad is currently indulging his penchant for both innovation and global work experience at Huawei where he’s working on integrating dynamic content publishing and augmented reality into information products while working in a multi-cultural, global environment. Farhad is the co-chair of the OASIS Augmented Reality in Information Products Technical Committee and holds an MS in computer science from Texas A&M University.



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