Overcoming the Barriers — Getting Collaboration to Work

Presentation Abstract

Do you believe that you could be more successful in getting customers the information they need if you could get the content providers in their organizations to collaborate? As soon as you begin to broach the idea of collaboration, do you run into barriers? For example, when your team is tasked with developing solutions-oriented content, do you have a hard time finding anyone who knows what the solutions are?

Do you have colleagues in other organizations who hoard their content and refuse to work together to develop a coherent strategy?

What can attendees expect to learn?

Learn about the most common barriers to collaboration and how to identify them in your organization. Most importantly, learn how you can work to overcome them.

Meet the Presenter

For more than 30 years, Dr. Hackos has addressed audiences internationally on subjects ranging from content management, project management, effective interfaces and information, minimal information products, usability testing, and online and Web-based information, to managing the information design and development process. Her workshops are dedicated to enhancing the practices and products that will best promote customer satisfaction. She authored Information Development: Managing Your Documentation Projects, Portfolio and People (Wiley 2006), Content Management for Dynamic Web Delivery (Wiley 2002), Managing Your Documentation Projects (Wiley 1994), Standards for Online Communication (Wiley 1997), and User and Task Analysis for Interface Design (Wiley 1998). JoAnn is a Fellow and Past President of the International Society for Technical Communication (STC).

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