Charting the Smart Course through the Whirlwind: Navigating changing requirements with smaller teams

Presentation Abstract

This is an interesting time for information developers.  Even as we have become more multifaceted than ever, we find ourselves with fewer resources, more project demands, and asked to support multiple modes of information sharing. From publishing traditional guides in multiple output formats to more modular, minimal information types, while developing and maintaining wikis and implementing tools to author collaboratively and crowd source — the list increases even as the demand to get information out there more quickly than ever before grows.

What can attendees expect to learn?

Please join this panel presentation and mini-workshop to take a look at the myriad challenges organizations face, and then work together with your fellow attendees to develop solutions you can take back and apply in your own organizations.

Meet the Presenters


Pat Burrows is Director of Information Experience at EMC where she leads teams in information development and delivery, and manages the information development tool chain. Pat has also been leading initiatives designed to drive the enterprise content strategy forward and improve the EMC customer information experience.

She has held a range of positions over her 14 years at EMC including Sr. Manager of Information Development, during which time she drove the business case to transition multiple diverse and distributed Information Development teams to DITA using structured authoring and content management.

 Shante Galbraith
Sr. Manager, Technical Communications
Brocade Communications




Helen Cavender
Head of Product Documentation, Google for Work
Google, Inc.



Barbara Liberty has been leading Information Design and Development teams since 2011, coming from a previous role as Quality Officer and an extensive background in Product Management at EMC as well as at IBM, RSA Security, and Computer Associates.  Customer experience is a passion, and her work history has served her well to understand the issues and significant changes in content consumption patterns that impact us as content providers every day. She looks forward to sharing some of her most recent challenges and approaches to resolve them.


Rachel Grimes

Rachel Grimes has been leading the UI Content Design team in Fiserv’s Electronic Payments Product Delivery team for several years. During that time, the team has shrunk but the workload hasn’t. The team has been challenged to continue supporting many products through everything from major architectural overhauls to minor patch updates. This has required some creative problem solving, including getting very clear about our priorities and what’s really important to our customers and stakeholders.



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